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In the world of technology the survival is not for the fitter but for the ‘hungered’. So, if you have the hunger then we have all the solution and services for the total digital marketing online campaign to take your business to the next level.
The geo-spatial navigation, and the dynamic theory for the business types to make your online identity prominent. If you still need the Reason to believe in what makes us different and most entrustable to give any ‘brand an identity they deserve’ just take a look at why we don’t only believe in making a Statements

Meticulous research for any modules


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We value our clients as prized possession.

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Personalize and tailored-made solution as per the requirement of the business type

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We provide IT consultation to your business with systematic approach to add values to your business with right investment strategy, training and market analysis.


In creativity there’s no repetition and we don’t repeat ourselves.

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UX/UI design

"It takes a thousand moments to create a perfect picture"
The team of designers work on different text codes like HTML, JAVA script, CSS animation to make website dynamic, appealing and user-friendly for the users. With a brush in their hand and canvas the designers are ready to design a new picture each time new projects are assigned to them, that is a reflection of your brand identity.

Web Development

Our team of talented and skill professionals make use of every resources into an opportunity for your brand with personalized web pages as per the requirement of the clients. So that users can easily get value-added features coding, links for the websites, optimization, optimized images, tools for navigation.

Software Development

Developing the application for computer system is one of our work which is recognisable and providing solution in the form of software to our customer or user. We have both free and licenced application available to use or have by user. We work on developing PC optimization, Boosting and data Recovery application and more.


Our Work Speak For US, We Prefer To Be Silent
The growth of companies and start-up is dependent on the skills and the expertise of selling their products and services. As most of the company today employ online digital marketing to do their businesses and learning new search engine technique and the formulae, so our team of experts are looking for every opportunity to beat the others in ranking on Google pages and Google Analytics.
Technology Optimization Strategies
“Impression isn’t just in the statement, so we believe in making an indelible mark for a lasting impression”. We provide off page and on page optimization, Meta tag optimization, HTML Tags, Image optimization.


Real time response for your social media venture through upgraded online marketing tools
No business today can think of taking a leap in a globalized economy without making an online presence at the social platform Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ….to stir the customer and clients about the product and services and get the reviews instantly. The more the number of followers and subscribers the better is the response.
We promote the brand on social platforms through a large global presence. The advantages that these social platforms have are affordability, large global network, brand positioning, and quick responses.

IT consultancy

IT consultancy services is not just to giving you the right advise but a through and prepared decision-making portfolio for the strategic alignments based on the market analysis so that your investments is only productive with an affordable business models and effective planning with our services like Work Assessment, Server Assessment, Hiring, Data Evaluation by remaking the business models into a programmed business solution to get the most from the investment and training.

Content Management

The team of writers write only what the users wants to read but more about product description, and the services to generate business for you with the right keyword and strategic use of the words that readers finds engaging. The brand value is not just a word of praise but all the data, and information that you want the users to get before selecting the services and the products. We connect to the readers through different online social media marketing tools like blogs, press release, email marketing, phone marketing, analytical writing, reviews of the products.

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About Us

Code Now Online provide software solution, Web Desing & Development, Creative Service and Digital Marketing Service. We offer not just online solution but best software, web application development and digital marketing experience for your business with aggressive online marketing and through meticulous research for your businesses in Financed, education, logistics, Real commerce, legal, IT consultants.

Multi Capability

Our expertise and strategic insights brings value to your brand with the total online solution from designing, developing website planning, SEO Social media marketing, Email and mobile marketing, Content management, Google Analytics where every projects we undertake are like nurturing a sapling into fully grown plantation with all the nutrients at each stage, so that you find the difference not the one that we want you to see but the what you want us to make.

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Our best and quality working strategy is one of most effective and productive.













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